The Process

 Welcome to the Custom Experience!

We sell our boards and skis directly to our customers, which allows us to offer competitive prices, while maintaining the unsurpassed quality and durability missing from other production boards. It also allows us to create the best product possible for you, including a unique graphic experience that makes the product your own.

How it works:

  1. Decide what product you may be interested in purchasing
  2. Contact us via email,  or through our Order Form or phone 250 426 5787
  3. Our designer/builder will then work with you to come up with the best option for your needs; this can include asking about your skill level, local riding conditions and uses (i.e.. kite vs gravity)
  4. When talking with you we will also ask you about your preferences for graphics. We have a choice of 'stock graphics' designed by our artists available which are included in the price of the product. One hour of graphic design customization is also included in the stock purchase price.
  5. We also offer the option for custom designed graphics through one of our artists. Prices can vary depending on length of time to complete.
  6. Once the graphic choice has been made and/or completed, we will email you a proof to review and approve prior to proceeding
  7. We will request a deposit of 50% value prior to commencing the project. Payments accepted via Cheque, Cash or Visa/Debit via Paypal.
  8. When the product is completed we can email you a picture of the completed product prior to shipping.
  9. We will request your mailing information and give you quoted shipping options
  10. Final payment will be requested prior to shipping the product
  11. You'll receive your board or skis and the fun will begin!!!