Aaron Sales

Aaron Sales came from a competitive snowboarding background and discovered kiteboarding on the water in his off season in 1998. After several years in Maui during the pioneering era of kiteboarding, Sales moved back to the Northwest to combine his passion for kiteboarding and snowboarding by exploring the possibilities of snowkiting.

Sales is now editor of Kiteboarding Magazine www.kiteboardingmag.com and is currently establishing the North American Snowkite Tour.  Snowkiting has taken him around the world to such locations as Alaska, New Zealand, Norway, France, Switzerland and all throughout North America. “As great as it is to travel the planet in search for the best snowkite locations, we still have so much to explore right in our own back yard’, says Sales.

Age: 36 years young
Nationality: United States
Hometown: Hood River, Oregon (The Gorge)
Sponsors: DeCosse, Dakine, Zeal Optics
Riding since:  1998
Favorite spots: Alaska back-country, Mt St Helens, Wa, Soldier Mountain Idaho, and anywhere my sled can take me where there’s wind and freshies
Favorite moves: Mega-Loop after peeling off the side of a mountain.
Real Job: Kiteboarding Magazine Editor
Other Sports: Kitesurfing, Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Stand Up Paddle boarding
Future Plans: To find locations in the world that have never been seen before and that can only be accessed with a kite.
Dream session: Snowkiting the peaks of Antarctica where the mountains meet the sea.