James Brown

James has been a pioneer for snowkiting in the US (along with great friends and good memories) including R&D for many snowkite-specific kites & boards. He also Co-founded KiteSnowboard.com, The Kiteboarder Magazine, and DriftSnowkiteMagazine.com. We're really glad to have him on our team!



Age: If he knows, he's not telling...
Nationality: United States
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska (Colorado since 1988)
Sponsors: DeCosse, Ozone, Dakine, Zeal Optics
Riding since: Winter 1999
Favorite spots: Flat Tops, Colorado - Thompson Pass, Alaska - Camas Prairie, Idaho - Hardangervidda Plateau, Norway - Skyline, Utah - Mount Haggin, Montana
Favorite moves: Indy Backroll with a smooth re-entry on a Quarter-pipe. Ahhh yes!
Real Job: Graphic Design and Writing
Other Sports: Hockey and Mountain Biking
Future Plans: Explore new spots and spread the stoke.