Sigve Botnen

Open up any kiting magazine, all winter long and you're more than likely to find a page (or many) with Sigve on it. Aside from being a world class competitor on the snowkite circuit, he knows how to give the photographers what they want to get that perfect shot, all the while making it look effortless!



Age: 28
Nationality: Norweigian
Sponsors: DeCosse, Ozone, Brunotti

Best Results (This Year)

  • 1st Place Snowboard Course Race - US Snowkite Masters 2010
  • 1st Place Snowboard - World Snowkite Masters 2010
  • 1st Place Snowboard - Redbull Ragnarok 2010

Favorite Moves: Frontmobe
Favorite Riding Spots: Water: Larkollen, Norway, Iceland, Brazil, Texas & Peru; Snow: Haugastol, Norway