183/173/173n-cm | Hybrid Rocker

A new offering for 2010, our big mountain free ride crowd and Heli operations LOVE this ski!  Hybrid rocker means its not a boutique quiver ski, but tears apart groomers, and the deep Powder with extreme prejudice... 

Choose a model that pushes your comfort limits in length, and you will be smiling run after run.  We will modify the flex and graphics to your primary terrain, ability, and weight.... and make sure they look as good as they ride! 173 comes in 2 widths, wide or slightly less wide for the lighter riders.

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Tech Specs:

Lengths available  183/173/173N   Hybrid Rocker....  3 Flexes,


  • 183cm-120/136/112/130/114(mm)
  • 173cm-120/136/112/130/114(mm)
  • 173ncm-110/126/103/120/104(mm)

Camber under the foot keeps this ski carving on the groomers, and makes traverses a breeze... Tip and tail rocker make the ski ride 10-15 cm's shorter then you would expect, The reverse sidecut at the tip makes the ski turn with only a thought in even the deepest Powder you can find.

  • Canadian poplar and maple cores
  • Dual layer dampning
  • UMHW/ABS sidewall construction
  • Rock well 48 fullwrap edges